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Hello all,

Around 4 or 5 years ago, I started using “high end” products.

I believe that foundation is the key to a decent makeup. At times when I didn’t want to make a heavily done, kind of special occasion make-up, I skipped the foundation directly to concealer and powder and blush and so on.. Oh, and it is also a hard job to find a decent powder. I probably write about it on my next post.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation in 103 Ivory

So, as I was saying, I tended to skip the foundation part of the makeup. The main reason was probably that I weren’t able to find a full coverage yet breathable, matte-finish foundation compatible with my yet so sensitive, acne-prone skin. Unfortunately the options of a drugstore brand is limited. You can neither find the exact shade, which is hard because they usually tend to look either pinkish or yellowish when applied with not much color tones to offer, nor find the exact composition of features you’d wish you had in a foundation. At least, this was my situation. The ones I tried either stayed a little pinkish on my skin or the ones claimed long lasting started to look cakey when applied, or they started to wear off and shine after a couple of hours.


     Clarins Everlasting Foundation in 103 Ivory

     That was when I realized I had to invest in quality foundation. You know what they say; ‘I am not rich enough to buy cheap things.’ My first ever high end foundation was Nars Sheer Glow and I used it for about 5 years. I kept purchasing when I finished a bottle. Just as the last bottle was about to finish, I decided on going for a full coverage ( Nars was medium coverage) and a matte-finish rather than silky.

This full coverage yet light as feather matte finish foundation is what I needed for my sensitive, acne-prone and combination skin. It claims +18 hours of coverage and since I had the chance to try it on (at least for 6 hours) I can say that at the end of 6 hours, it looked as if I just applied it a second ago; freshly smooth, no cakey look, definitely lightweight and breathable feeling.

It comes with an intact pump which is a plus because some brands don’t offer it and you have to spend around 15-20 more dollars in addition to the 50dollar foundation.

It has 15 SPF which is awesome for a gal like me who wears sun protection throughout the year, which I would recommend that you do so. It also says that the foundation protects your skin from early aging and loss of radiance due to pollution.     

The makeup artist applying the foundation on my skin at Sephora.


Right part of my face is with the foundation applied, while the left side is bare.


Finished look of my makeup with Clarins Everlasting Foundation. Accompanying me; my pile of makeup, dusty mirror and my water pitcher. Water means beautiful skin 😉



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